The Winery


Our old Winery
It is a cellar full of history where we produce quality pisco in industrial quantities with traditional methods. Originally grape was crushed by a group of barefoot men who stumped on the grape in a ceremony that lasted several hours.

Centennial stemmers
Used to separate the grapes of the cluster and break the grain without touching the seeds to facilitate the extraction of the grape juice. Made in Italy by the firm Garolla, they are made of cast iron and oak wood. Recently restored, they are in perfect condition.



Grape presses
This work is streamlined with the introduction of presses, like this one made out of iron and wood, which has a system of teeth and gear manually operated down the Board to press the grape and leave it almost dry.

The stills
Four stills of specially designed for the distillation of pisco have internal coils for heating "musts" with steam generated in a large cauldron to achieve optimal quality. They work in parallel allowing continuous distilling for as long as necessary.



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